Our District 5340 was the first Rotary District in the United States to implement a Rotary Model United Nations Program, started by our District’s Pathways to Peace Committee fifteen years ago. Rotary International has a long and proud association with the U.N, with Rotarians involved in its charter, and having the highest consultative status of any nongovernmental organization.  We are partners with the U.N. in our PolioPlus initiative.

Rotary clubs select teams of two high school students and one advisor, who can be a Rotarian, teacher or parent. A club can sponsor more than one team. Several months before the Conference, the students are given two current-day UN Resolutions to address, and will undergo a day of training in analytical and negotiating skills, what to expect at the actual Conference and then the students select the countries to which they will become ambassadors. Advisors are also given training and advised of our District’s Youth Protection Policy.

Being Rotary, we deliberately recruit students from a cross section of San Diego and Riverside County schools, including inner city schools, charter schools for underprivileged students and more recognized high schools, as well as students from many international countries to give our Conference a true UN flair.  In this way, students from a variety of backgrounds get to interact and become friends with each other. MUN students can be from freshmen to seniors.

Why Rotary Model UN?

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